Kristen Basham Photography

by Brian Farr — March 2, 2012

A close friend of mine who is a photographer wanted to create a custom site to show off her photography. After we evaluated some different open source and commercial solutions, and finding none to our liking, I agreed to create a site for her from scratch.

Kristen Basham Photography web site

To avoid the blocky-grid-of-photos effect, I used CSS3 transformations to tilt the thumbnails on the gallery page, so that no thumbnails next to each other appeared at the same angle.

Kristen Basham Photography web site

Design Notes

The design centered around a closely focused photo she had taken of a purple flower, and a interesting paper texture for the content area. The logo was created by graphic designer Frank O'Hara. I used Steve Matteson's Droid Serif, which I found to be extremely friendly and readable. The pink and purple text accent colors were sampled from the stem of the flower mentioned earlier, to tie the page and background image together.